Guide for Trapstar T Shirts

A Guide For Trapstar T Shirts. What's The Fitting Like?

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Is it just us or are you looking for the best fitted t shirt?

Now you've stumbled across this blog talking about the ultimate guide for trapstar t-shirts!

But! First!

Have you thought about how you like to style or wear your t-shirts 

Baggy (oversized)


Slim fit (muscle fit)

Trapstar t shirts have been developed by Trapstar over years, and FINALLY, we think they may have just perfected the ultimate fitted mens trapstar t shirt EVER!

Trapstar womens

Trapstar t-shirt

Trapstar first released the normal and standard designed t shirts which had more of a boxy fitting which a lot of people loved at the start!

Trapstar T Shirt

Slowly as Trapstar grew, the trapstar t shirt also grew by indulging into more of an oversized baggy look, this was very popular in the US! 

As most music artists such as Lil Baby and Gunna were rocking more of baggy fits.

Trapstar t-shirts started to begin to become a go to t shirt when trying to style like the rappers.

Trapstar shooters t shirt

After some time, Trapstar white t shirt became common.

Loads of customers started to shop elsewhere,


Trapstar slowly realised this and came out with the trapstar shooters t shirt, more fashionable and unique designs.

This decision from trapstar was influenced by Trapstar releasing the tracksuit of the shooters edition, therefore a lot of traction came from.

The unique tiger design with incorporating it with the basketball, made it become another blow in the United States & across the world.


Trapstar Shooters Tee - White/Orange

Trapstar x Avirex Collab

In the past year, Trapstar unveiled a collaboration with Avirex.

The collaboration blended in with Trapstar so well that they released a limited edition collection, releasing a range of graphics and sharp-fittings clothing

Avirex is well known for creating the best outwear clothing since 1975,leaving a name for themselves in the hip-hop and fashion industry for decades.

Trapstar usually does collaborations with other clothing brands to create unique designs and also to make one of one pieces out of their brand!

Take a closer look below at one of the pieces out of the Trapstar x Avirex collection!

Trapstar Football Jersey

Let's get this straight!

You've been wearing your football jersey for fashion ain't ya!


Trapstar football jersey is officially been released by Trapstar, and let me tell you they are one of a kind!


Their colourway choices are impeccable, the fit is amazing! 

They all feature with 3 of their most popular trapstar logos, starting with the trapstar irongate logo on the left side of the chest !

The trapstar decoded logo across the belly on the t shirt

The trapstar arch iron gate logo on the back

Finally the number "22" represents what year trapstar first released their football jerseys.

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