Ultimate Guide On The Best Trapstar Bag

Ultimate Guide On The Best Trapstar Bag

Central Cee Rocking Trapstar Bag 1.0

The UK fashion streetwear industry has seen Trapstar become a well known,established brand in the UK and across the world.

The rise since starting the brand in 2008 from creating t-shirts for friends and family and widely spreading across the globe making it recognised over 90 countries.

This is quite impressive and hats off to Mikey, Lee & Will Trapstar!

Dreams have finally become reality! 

Who owns Trapstar? Mikey, Lee & Will Trapstar. 

Trapstar Bags, have gained a lot of attention from the range of items Trapstar produce!

The desirability of the trapstar man bag has increased dramatically as Central Cee,has become quite famous for wearing and styling the Trapstar pouch with his outfits.

The iconic rapper exploded after releasing of the song 'Day in the Life' in 2021 to kick start his music career.

Trapstar released many different colourways in their collection of trapstar pouch, colourways such as the blue trapstar pouch etc.

Looking to purchase a Trapstar man bag view our collection now!   

Trapstar 1.0 Messenger Bag:

The iconic start and first release of the Trapstar pouch was the Trapstar 1.0 Messenger Bag,this is globally recognised as the original Trapstar man bag.

It all started from this bag!

Trapstar slowly started releasing many different and new colourways which made us spoilt for choice as there is so many.

There are various colourways such as the blue,green,white & orange Trapstar pouch.

Due to the demand increasing for these trapstar pouches, the options became very popular and most are currently sold out!
Please shop carefully as there is many replica's selling on sites such as Fruggo, shop confidently via Trapstar Collection.

Trapstar has started to add a special Certilogo QR code, making customers extra secure with knowing they are purchasing an 100% authentic item.

Trapstar 1.0 Messenger Bag | Plugstationuk


Trapstar Cobra T Bag

Trapstar continually look for new styles of their products and this is a new addition to the trapstar irongate bag.

The customer reaction to this new addition was welcoming and quickly was sold out in recent drops.

The luxury materials which have been used have a premium look to it which reflects in the price for this compare to the the 1.0 messenger bag.

With your daily essentials growing!

Trapstar also made the space and bag bigger for everyday practical use, therefore it can be used for style & wearability.

With the new style of this Cobra T Irongate Bag.

It can also be matches up with a Trapstar beanie, other accessories available to shop.

Trapstar Cobra Irongate T Bag | Plugstationuk

Trapstar Cobra Irongate T Rucksack:

For individuals who travel,small trips or leisure and are in need of a more spacious Trapstar bag, the Cobra Irongate T Rucksack would be the ideal bag!

Available in the silver and blackout colourways!

The metal irongate logo expresses the premium quality of this bag.

The metal clasp is easy for access!

The rucksacks beautiful thoughtful design is perfect for young individuals to invest into a item like this.

Trapstar Cobra T Rucksack Bag


Trapstar "It's a secret" bag:

The newest to the trapstar bag collection.

Reduced width and solid design that differentiates the bag to the Cobra Irongate Bag & 1.0 Messenger Bag.

This latest trapstar man bag is more sophisticated approach also is engaging to the young crowd.

But on the other hand,

Some may fantasy a large branding of Trapstar,which may lead them to purchase the earlier released trapstar man bags.


Trapstar 'Its a secret bag' T Bag



Overall, Trapstar bags have become an severely popular amongst the Trapstar community, as its admired and seen upon many rappers.

What's you most favourite Trapstar pouch?

As Trapstar continues to build and expand their entire collection especially the bags.

We will be seeing quite new designs to grow the trapstar man bag community even more.


The real question is!

Will you be becoming apart of the Trapstar community with one of the existing released pouch or will you wait till your eyes are shocked at your desired design is released?

Shop with confidence and freely via Plugstationuk today!